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We install French drain lines in crawl spaces and in your yard.  We waterproof basement walls.  We install vapor barrier, temp vents, power fan vents, sump pumps.

French Drainlines

A ditch is dug in the crawl space area approximately fourteen inches wide and  one to two feet deep.  We use sock pipe with #57 stone, this channels water away from the home.

Temp Vents

Temperature controlled vents help provide ventilation in the crawl space area.

Vapor Barrier

We use six millimeter polyethylene installed in 90% of the crawl space area to keep the moisture from rising to the insulation and  sub-flooring.  Polyethylene is stapled down to prevent it from moving when crawled on.

Power Fan Vents

Motorized fan vents are designed to circulate outside air throughout the crawl space area to reduce moisture.

Sump pumps

We use 1/2 horsepower heavy-duty sump pumps when there is not enough slope to discharge the water naturally.  We install check valves on our pumps to prevent them from continuously running.


We dig to the footing.  Clean the wall.  Apply waterproofing material.  Sock pipe and #57 stone are placed  below the footing and the ditch is backfilled.

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